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ASUS Republic of Gamers [ROG]

The Republic of Gamer's is committed to producing the most innovative hardcore PC performance hardware, enabling the ultimate computing experience for gamer's and enthusiasts worldwide.

Welcome to MLG


Gaming in the past has had a reputation of being very stereo typed to teenage boys stuck rotting away in their bedrooms. Although this might generally be the case, there are a lot of older generations of gamers that still enjoy the odd hour or so bashing away at a keyboard or controller.

Our mission at Midlifegamers is simply to make gaming acceptable to all generations and enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age.



Love computers? Build your own? TechPowerUp is the place to be on the web!
Having over a decade of experience with quality content for the PC enthusiast community, TechPowerUp is a leading technology publication, on the forefront of PC technologies, thanks to lightning-fast news, crisp yet thorough product reviews, and a strong community (forums).
Despite fundamental changes in computing over the last few years, the enthusiast and gaming PCs are a flourishing ecosystem.

TechPowerUp holds a focus on PC hardware and the industry surrounding it.